The worst thing you can do in any situation involving water damage, no matter how mild it may seem, is wait to call for professional help. It can be tempting to make the mistake of trying to handle water damage yourself, but the professional team at Core Property Restoration has specialized tools and the skill set to use them to their maximum efficiency. Our dry-out techniques can save you thousands of dollars in ongoing repairs. Water damage is often more serious than it first appears. This is because water can get into many places where it not only doesn’t belong, but can do damage that can go undetected by the untrained eye—until it’s too late, that is. When water seeps into the places between your walls, underneath the flooring and even into attics and crawlspaces, it can form pockets of moisture due to the natural process of evaporation. When this happens, the elevated moisture levels can cause all sorts of problems. Elevated moisture causes wood structures to swell and rot, plaster and drywall to bubble and crumble, linoleum to peel, and, worst of all, it provides a welcoming habitat for mold, mildew and bacteria to form. When a water damage issue becomes a mold problem, it can have serious consequences both to your property and everyone who inhabits it.

When mold colonizes your property, there can be all sorts of nasty repercussions. Mold spores are microscopic, hard to trace, and can be harmful to living creatures as well as organic materials. Mold can grow just about anywhere, and any porous surface like wood, fabric, carpet padding, and even certain types of stone can be susceptible. Once a mold colony forms, it can grow quickly, and become tenacious and difficult to eliminate without professional help. At Core Property Restoration we have advanced mold detection and removal techniques that allow us to diagnose, locate, and eliminate your mold problem before it becomes a hazard. While some strains of mold are relatively harmless, there are a few that are anything but. The presence of “black mold” on your property can lower its value, as well as cause severe health risks for anyone who comes into contact with it. Symptoms of “black mold” exposure include headache, nausea, difficulty breathing, congestion, itchy skin and eyes, and other flu-like symptoms like fever and fatigue. If you or anyone inhabiting your property is experiencing these symptoms of “black mold” exposure, you should contact your primary health care provider without delay. The experts at Core Property Restoration have the necessary resources and equipment to safely diagnose and remove even dangerous “black mold” from your property. If you suspect the presence of mold, give Core Property Restoration a call right away, and let us handle it.

When water damage comes as a result of a fire, the impact on your property and daily routine can seem insurmountable. The experts at Core Property Restoration don’t only handle water damage, but the combination damage that occurs in the aftermath of a fire. Water damage caused by fires can be particularly difficult to repair and remove, due to the circumstances under which it was introduced. Water that is used to put out fires can mingle with dust and ash, creating a caustic and sticky substance that stains anything it comes into contact with. The resulting mess can even cause etching to metal, as well as discoloration of fabrics, furniture, clothing, carpeting, and even plastic. When you have fire-related water damage, you need professional help, fast. Call or email the damage restoration experts at Core Property Restoration as soon as possible following the damage, and we will do everything within our power to ensure a timely and thorough restoration of your property.

The final type of danger you can face when dealing with water damage is contaminated water. Contamination can come from many sources—nearby gardens and fields can contribute dangerous fertilizers to the flood waters, highways and roads can carry fluids that spread into the water table, and then there is contamination due to sewage overflow. Sewage contamination can be extremely dangerous, and any flooding from an unknown or outside source should be regarded as hazardous. If you are not certain of the source of your water damage, the experts at Core Property Restoration advise that you execute caution when approaching any water damage. Sewage-contaminated waters may carry harmful bacteria and other pathogens that can make unwary victims extremely ill. The safest way to handle any water damage is to call in a professional team. Let Core Property Restoration handle things safely and professionally, leaving you with a property that has been completely restored back to its pre-loss state—every time.