Disinfection Services

CORE offers disinfection services for buildings and facilities exposed to contamination caused by infectious diseases and/or viruses.

Surface Decontamination

Our surface decontamination services are safe and more effective than inadequate cleaning methods. We have various applications including portable sprayers with the latest technology and solutions that can kill 99.99% of pathogens -- including bacteria, fungi and viruses -- and leave no harmful residue.

Our disinfection services also meet the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. These services help reduce the risk of infection or illness, prevent cross-contamination, and reduce downtime in operations by 75% or more.  All employees will be wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the work being performed.

Disinfecting Facilities

We can disenfect and clean almost any facility. Please call 1-800-610-6084 today for consultation for long and short term pricing.

  • Office Buildings
  • Grocery and Department Stores
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Athletic Clubs
  • Municipal and Government Buildings

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

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To learn more about effective cleaning practices for your facility, view Cleaning and Disinfection Strategies for Non-Critical Surfaces and Equipment presented by the Centers for Disease Control.