When a fire damages your home or business, even minor damage can cause huge problems for anyone trying to live and work within the structure. Fire damage can cause noxious odors and smoke damage, as well as complications due to water damage from the extinguishment of the fire. Whether the damage caused by the fire is severe or relatively minor, any amount of fire damage can spell disaster for the average property owner. Luckily, Core Property Restoration handles the complicated variations caused by combination water/fire/smoke damage.

Our Mobile Catastrophic Team travels the United States, enabling us to bring help when and where you need it most. At Core Property Restoration we know that in a fire damage emergency, the last thing anyone wants to do is wait for business hours—that’s why Core Property Restoration offers emergency fire and smoke damage restoration and mitigation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on nights and weekends. When you call Core Property Restoration, you know that you’re getting the best emergency fire damage services that your area has to offer. Our service technicians are fast-responding, courteous, and efficient. Call (800) 610-6084 or email info@corerest.com as soon as you become aware of damage to your home or business. We handle both commercial and residential properties, and take great pride in our record of 100% customer satisfaction. Even if your situation does not constitute an emergency, we can come to your location for a free assessment.

Fires can be one of the most damaging elements possible in a property damage scenario. Any fire, no matter how small, consumes the materials around it, causing structural damage and releasing smoke, soot, and noxious chemicals into the air. These airborne components can spread all throughout the property, even into areas that seem unaffected by the actual fire. When the soot, ash, and chemical residue settles, it does so in uneven layers, mingling with the water used to extinguish the blaze and creating a sticky residue that can be extremely damaging and difficult to remove without professional help. At Core Property Restoration we have specially formulated cleaning agents that were designed for the specific purpose of removing these damaging and toxic residues. Our tools are state of the art, and every person on our fire damage restoration team has been trained and certified to the excellent standards held by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This ensures that we are prepared to handle any extreme caused by fire damage. At Core Property Restoration, we hold our restoration team to the highest possible standard of excellence.

One of the most difficult aspects of fire damage is the unpredictable combinations that ensue when water, smoke, ash and soot mingle. The resulting mess is generally sticky, smelly, difficult to remove, and possessing of caustic or acidic properties that enhance the potential for damage far beyond what any of these substances can have on their own. When water is used to extinguish a fire, it can sometimes cause a whole new layer of damage, seeping between the walls, under the floorboards, wicking up into the insulation, and into attics, crawlspaces, and basement areas. Water spreads, allowing the smoke-smelling residue to saturate everything it touches, as well as causing the usual problems that excess water can cause to a structure. Even without the added dimension caused by soot, smoke, and ash residue, elevated moisture levels can cause all sorts of problems. Elevated moisture causes wood structures to swell and rot, plaster and drywall to bubble and crumble, linoleum to peel, and, worst of all, it provides a welcoming habitat for mold, mildew and bacteria to form. When a water damage issue becomes a mold problem, it can have serious consequences both to your property and everyone who inhabits it.

Whenever water damage is involved in a scene, one of the main concerns is the possible formation of mold. Mold spores are microscopic, hard to trace, and can be harmful to living creatures as well as organic materials. Mold can grow just about anywhere, and any porous surface like wood, fabric, carpet padding, and even certain types of stone can be susceptible. Once a mold colony forms, it can grow quickly, and become tenacious and difficult to eliminate without professional help. At Core Property Restoration we have advanced mold detection and removal techniques that allow us to diagnose, locate, and eliminate your mold problem before it becomes a hazard. While some strains of mold are relatively harmless, there are a few that are anything but. The presence of “black mold” on your property can lower its value, as well as cause severe health risks for anyone who comes into contact with it. A serious mold infestation can form in as little as 48 hours following an event of saturation, such as the aftermath of a fire. The longer you wait to deal with this problem, the more likely that it will worsen over time.

It can be tempting, especially in instances where the fire damage is minor and relatively contained, to forgo calling in a professional team right away. You may think that you can save money by dealing with the restoration yourself, but this strategy can often cause even more damage in the long run. If water carries the acidic compounds formed by soot and ash residue into places that are difficult to reach, the smells caused by the residue can linger for years, creating an unpleasant environment for everyone. More than that, the residue is often acidic enough to etch and stain stone, plastic and even metal fixtures—this damage is progressive and often happens over time. If the residue is not properly cleaned by professionals, you may be risking more property damage than you initially thought.

The service technicians at Core Property Restoration have been trained to deal with all sorts of combination water damage. Our expert staff will arrive on site with the necessary equipment to begin immediate containment and mitigation of fire, smoke, and water damage. By locating and containing instances of excess moisture, we can help to halt the progressive damage caused by water and smoke that can easily flow into other areas of the property. Our Mobile Catastrophic Team possess the tools and experience we need to make an immediate impact on any scene involving fire damage.