Damage caused by storms and other extreme weather events can be severe and unpredictable, damaging your property and causing a slew of problems for your home or business. High winds can peel the shingles right off your roof, exposing the inside of the building to the elements and to water damage. Rain can cause water damage and flooding, which can easily lead to mold damage or sewage overflow. A lightning strike or downed power line can cause electrical hazards and fires, which can lead to a very dangerous situation for you or anyone occupying your property. Luckily, Core Property Restoration not only handles storm damage, but also water, fire, and smoke damage, as well as mold remediation and even reconstruction services.

When storms and severe weather cause damage to your property, the last thing you want to do is wait for business hours to get help. More often than not, storm damage involves other elements like water damage, which can be progressive and dangerous to leave alone. Over time, the damage can spread and worsen, leading to even more damage down the line. Core Property Restoration is the storm damage restoration team that is here for you and your community. Our Mobile Catastrophic Team travels the United States, enabling us to bring help when and where you need it most. Core Property Restoration offers emergency storm, water, fire, and smoke damage restoration and mitigation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on nights and weekends. When you call Core Property Restoration, you know that you’re getting the best emergency storm damage services that your area has to offer. Our service technicians are fast-responding, courteous, and efficient. Call (800) 610-6084 or email Core Property Restoration at info@corerest.com as soon as you become aware of storm damage to your home or business. We handle both commercial and residential properties, and take great pride in our record of 100% customer satisfaction. Even if your situation does not constitute an emergency, we can come to your location for a free assessment.

When storms and other severe weather get the better of your home or business, Core Property Restoration has the tools and experience necessary to protect your property from further damage. We offer board up and tarping services for both residential and commercial property, because occasionally circumstances dictate that repairs can’t happen right away. If your roof, or other external structures on your property have been damaged, it is important to seal the breach as quickly as possible to minimize the damage done by water and inclement weather. Water damage can become quite serious, even though it may appear minor at first. This happens most often because the water that does get in seeps and spreads into the hard to reach places within your structure. When water seeps into the places between your walls, underneath the flooring and even into attics and crawlspaces, it can form pockets of moisture due to the natural process of evaporation. When this happens, the elevated moisture levels can cause all sorts of problems. Elevated moisture causes wood structures to swell and rot, plaster and drywall to bubble and crumble, linoleum to peel, and, worst of all, it provides a welcoming habitat for mold, mildew and bacteria to form. When a water damage issue becomes a mold problem, it can have serious consequences both to your property and everyone who inhabits it.

Core Property Restoration also handles mold problems. When water damages a property, whether due to storm-related floods, or just water saturation due to a damaged roof or broken windows, it can cause real problems if it is not properly dried out. If the water that has invaded your property is allowed to dry naturally, pockets of moisture and high humidity can form in hard to reach places like between the walls, below the floorboards, and in attics, crawlspaces and basements. Mold can form in as little as 48 hours after saturation—that isn’t much time to get your property dried out. The experts at Core Property Restoration have specialized equipment and cleaning agents that can ensure that mold won’t get a foothold, no matter how damaged your property becomes.

When you call Core Property Restoration for storm repair, our first priority becomes sealing your property against further damage. A secure tarp can protect the vulnerabilities opened by the storm, and prevent water damage from spreading. Boarding up broken windows serves much the same purpose, protecting property that has already been damaged from weather and potential vandalism and break ins. Another purpose served by boarding up your property can be to prevent damage from happening in the first place. If you have advance warning of inclement weather, you can call Core Property Restoration and we will come and proactively board up your windows and even doorways in order to protect them from the storm. Taking advantage of board up services before you need them can save you thousands of dollars in damage. If you live in a storm-prone area, or just suspect that things might be about to get nasty, call the storm damage professionals at Core Property Restoration right away, before things get bad.

If flooding, high winds, or other storm-related damage occurs, Core Property Restoration can help you pick up the pieces. We offer both proactive services like boarding up your windows before a storm breaks, and reactive services like water, fire, smoke, and mold damage restoration and remediation services. No matter what type of property damage your home or business sustains during a period of inclement weather, Core Property Restoration has you covered. We work hand in hand with your insurance adjusters, smoothing the process and expediting your repairs. At Core Property Restoration we promise not to let you down. We know how important it can be to return to your normal routine after instances of property damage, and we won’t stop our efforts until your home or business has been restored back to its original pre-loss state.